Stockholm; Violent and happy


I have added two new songs to the portfolio for your listening pleasure. I apologize for not having updated anything on the homepage for quite a while but I assure you I have been as busy as ever. These new songs I put together in the fall and while they may not mirror my artistic progress as a composer they sure do describe my feelings toward my new home town.

Stockholm Syntrome
I had a bit of a rough time during the first three months in Stockholm with basically no place to stay. When I finally found this place where I am currently residing I had not had access to my computer and music gear for quite some time. As I was staring out the window at the rather ugly yet somewhat beautiful highway outside with the city in the distance I could not describe it any better than through some minimal techno.
This tune I composed during my first weeks of school as a compositional assignment. I was to analyze a few completely different songs that I had previously composed and pick out some elements which made me tick. After having found around 10 different things or so that I thought represented my musical style I was supposed to merge all of these into a single track. A Frankentrack if you will. The result was pretty kickin’. Or as my teachers described it, almost giggling, ”It’s like a mix between Aphex Twin and Dr. Snuggles.”

If you would rather download these tracks than using the portfolio player, they can be found here: (right click and choose ”Save As…”)
Stockholm Syntrome


Business cards


I just ordered some new business cards today! Unfortunately I don’t think the colors will be as vivid as I would like, since they’re printing in CMYK, but I reckon it will still be alright!


Project: Wiimote Synthesizer


In the fall of 2009 I wrote an essay in Musicology about how the user interface of instruments affects the way we play and compose music. The twist however was that instead of researching existing instruments I decided to ”create” one. What I did was to program a a Wii remote to be used as a MIDI-control unit. This way I could play it like an instruments at the same time as adjusting control parameters.

This ofcourse has been done before and seen on youtube. However, these videos feature a much simpler and restricted take on the subject. While most are satisfied with playing a couple of chords and a bit of melody I also implemented a ”Tap tempo” function, drum loop functions with beat repeat effect toggle, various multi purpose dry/wet effects (Reverb, chorus and delay).

The Wiimote is connected to the computer via bluetooth and the programming has been made in a program called GlovePIE. Through this program the actions of the Wiimote affect certain parameters in a sequencer called Ableton Live. Since the creation of this project I have started working with a great program called MaxMSP, thus realizing the restrictions of doing it the way I ”used to”. The Wiimote synthesizer will therefore be replaced with something WAY cooler. Currently I am working on a glove with IR LED lights attached to the fingertips that with the use of a Wiimote’s IR tracking ability can control heaps of awesome stuff. Stay tuned for that!

A video will be posted of the Wiimote synthesizer in due time.


Project: Jenny

My girlfriend has a beautiful voice. A voice that works like a bridge between us and unites us through music. She writes her own material as well. However, being a vocalist she does not know how to construct a safe haven for her melodies to thrive and grow in. That is were I come in. I do what I do best and I give her that universe, that place where her voice feels like at home.

In June we finished her second song called Springtime. In comparison to the first song, this one is more lively and cheerful, thus the production had to follow that pattern as well. I did not want a classic jazzpop setup for this one and tried to bring in a lot more of electronica and rock influences to give the song a fresh original feel. I also like to mix up the rhytm a bit and to be able to go from bossa to swing to straight to half the pace and back again. I wanted the song to be strong enough on its own but to still have a touch of me that people could recognize and relate to.

Just like the first song, Springtime relies alot on the action of the bass guitar. Besides that a reversed and normal piano together with the electronic and acoustic drums create the foundation. The rest is filled out with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, cellos, three synthesizers and some backup vocals along with alot of reverb and effects like rhytmic gates and delays.

Prodigies of Nature
This song is the first we recorded together in the fall of 2008. The setup is quite minimal. There is a typical brush kit playing a slow beat and a bass guitar doubling as a countermelody. Some rhodes are use to lay down chords. This song has a surprise reggae part in the middle of the song that fades over to the previous slower portion with a solo guitar added. This song is not as busy as Springtime, but well worth the listen.
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Wrench is refurbishing

I have decided to administrate my homepage through a wordpress blog. This is because the simple nature of wordpress makes updating a breeze. The site is almost finished. Stay tuned for more.