For my bachelor graduation concert in the spring of 2012, I produced an intermedia piece titled VEIL. The piece features electroacoustic music in an eight speaker octagon setup, live generated and static back projection visuals as well as a dancer performing in front of the screen.

The music is a mix between material generated in SuperCollider, concrete sounds and commercial software. Visuals are all generated through Processing, a java-based language. Most of the graphics are generated on the fly, allowing for randomness as well as exact control, sync and responsiveness with the audio.

Most of the dancing is improvised, however there are some choreographed elements necessary for the dramaturgic development.

While open for interpretation, the piece is about submission under social power structures in society – such as capitalism, conformity and religion.

The piece was performed at Reaktorhallen R1, KTH.  The space used to house Sweden’s first nuclear reactor and was used for research purposes. This was well over 40 years ago and all that remain is a large, empty and eerie dilapidated hall 30+ meters below Stockholm’s soil.

The very talented Tara Motazed Kivani danced in this piece and made an amazing job, especially since because of technical difficulties we had but one full practice run just before the show.

Running time: 23 minutes

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