Stockholm; Violent and happy


I have added two new songs to the portfolio for your listening pleasure. I apologize for not having updated anything on the homepage for quite a while but I assure you I have been as busy as ever. These new songs I put together in the fall and while they may not mirror my artistic progress as a composer they sure do describe my feelings toward my new home town.

Stockholm Syntrome
I had a bit of a rough time during the first three months in Stockholm with basically no place to stay. When I finally found this place where I am currently residing I had not had access to my computer and music gear for quite some time. As I was staring out the window at the rather ugly yet somewhat beautiful highway outside with the city in the distance I could not describe it any better than through some minimal techno.
This tune I composed during my first weeks of school as a compositional assignment. I was to analyze a few completely different songs that I had previously composed and pick out some elements which made me tick. After having found around 10 different things or so that I thought represented my musical style I was supposed to merge all of these into a single track. A Frankentrack if you will. The result was pretty kickin’. Or as my teachers described it, almost giggling, ”It’s like a mix between Aphex Twin and Dr. Snuggles.”

If you would rather download these tracks than using the portfolio player, they can be found here: (right click and choose ”Save As…”)
Stockholm Syntrome

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