Reddit Music Contest: Bronze!


A few weeks ago I entered a music contest over att Reddit/r/Music. The rules were: a theme based on Egypt, 2:30 to 3:30 length and a one week deadline. The contest had 58 participants of which I managed to finish in 3rd place! Good times. The winner was a singer-songwriter piece with a reggae-feel and the second runner up was a kind of comedic schoolhouse rock track.

Still, I am very happy that an instrumental ”tech house” track could make it to the top three. If you did; Thank you for voting for me!

On a different note:
I know I have not been updating the site for about 6 months and I apologize as always. I have just been really busy. This spring I am working on 4-5 big projects and a few short films so I promise there will be alot of new exciting content in the near future. (One of them is an electronic album. Stay tuned for this.)

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