Slow dancing with mary magdalene

featured / instrumental
A few years back I wrote a piece called ”Slow Dancing with Mary Magdalene”. In the spring of 2011 I made a complete rework of this piece, and now it goes by the Swedish title ”Sällskapsdans med Maria Magdalena”. The piece was comissioned by, arranged for and performed by the Stockholm Youth Wind Orchestra and performed in concert on the 14th of May, 2011.

Unfortunately the performance was not up to par, but one year later I got another chance.

After another major rework of the piece, it was performed by the Stockholm Symphonic Wind Orchestra on 2012/03/23.

While the performance could have been a bit tighter, especially in the first half, I am much happier with the piece this time around – given the very short rehearsal time.

Conducted by Michael Bartosch