featured / electroacoustic

In the spring of 2013 I composed a piece of electro-acoustic music to be performed at a venue called Audiorama, in Stockholm, Sweden. The venue is specialized in multi speaker music and has 21 speakers set up in all. 8 speaker in a ring around the listener, 5 in the roof in a cube with the fifth in the center, 4 subs and 4 small speakers hidden in each corner of the room. Truly a magnificent place to have your music performed.
Unfortunately you can’t listen to the piece in this amazing spatial space online, but I have made two versions available. The first is a binaural headphones only version. You need to listen to this one in headphones. The second version is a simple downmixed stereo. The piece is made in Ambisonics and can also be decoded for any speaker setup.
The piece is constructed only out of field recordings from Rwanda and a Swedish island, recorded with a ZoomH2n and a SoundField mic respectively. There is no synthesis, only real world sounds – although some of them manipulated. I wanted to make a very imtimate piece of electro-acoustic music with really crisp and close up recordings. The piece is a tribute to my love for the sounds of the archipelago and the coming of spring.