Rapture equals harvest


In the spring of 2011 I composed a piece of electro-acoustic music to be performed at a venue called Audiorama, in Stockholm, Sweden. The venue is specialized in multi speaker music and has 21 speakers set up in all. 8 speaker in a ring around the listener, 5 in the roof in a cube with the fith in the center, 4 subs and 4 small speakers hidden in each corner of the room. Truly a magnificent place to have your music performed.
Unfortunately you can’t listen to the piece in this amazing spatial space online, but I have made two versions available. The first is a binaural headphones only version. You need to listen to this one in headphones, otherwise it will sound really off. This version tricks your brain that the sounds are coming from all around you. The second version is a simple downmixed stereo, i.e. 21 channels turned into 2. Needless to say, the sound won’t be very impressive, but for those of you that don’t have headphones you can listen to this to get the idea.
This is a piece about cultism. It is inspired by ”the Rapture” which according to some christian congregations was supposed to take place on the 21th of May, 2011. Ironically this piece was performed on the 22nd of May as a celebration to the fact that we are all still here.