Deus apparatus

The spring of 2010 I was involved in a project called ”Futurum” which basically is a platform where classical musicians play new music. The idea is to make musicians interested in playing modern compositions and get composers a chance to have their pieces performed by gifted musicians.

The original idea was that the piece was going to rely on live looping.

Apart from this, there would be a lot of ”on the fly” effects processing and heavy programming. With the use of colored LED lights I managed to get a motion tracking tool working. The LEDs were to be attached to the instrument and when moved around different effects would be triggered.

Unfortunately a lot of compromises had to be made and due to lack of preparation time most of the electronic goodies had to be thrown out.

Though a pity, we at least got the piece played and the essence of using two instruments as an orchestra was preserved.

The piece was performed at Fylkingen, a venue famous for its contemporary scene, and was part of the ljudOljud festival arranged by the composition students at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.