A cunning deception of self

featured / instrumental
During the winter of 2012 I composed a piece called ”A Cunning Deception of Self”. This was a project where myself and three colleagues set out to do our own realizations of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ”Plus Minus”.
Stockhausen’s piece is more or less a tool/set of instruction that I used to generate tone material. From that material I composed this piece for small ensemble and live electronics. I also incorporated the use of live graphics projected on the wall. However, on the video it is but barely visible up until the end. I am controlling the electronics and video from the audience using a Wiimote, paired with SuperCollider and Processing.
Ensemble: Mimitabu
Conductor: Rei Munakata

The piece was perfomed at Artisten, in Gothenburg Sweden, on 2012-03-08.