I got tired of explaining to swedish people that ”No, it’s not ’ranch’ or ’range’. It’s WRENCH; www.WRENCH.se” so I bought another domain. This site can now be accessed through jonaskjellberg.se as well as wrench.se
I also started up a Vimeo channel the other day where I will be keeping any type of video I might produce. The response in the Vimeo community of the installation have been quite good so I’ll definitely use that platform for getting my works out to the public eye.
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In a week I had over 100 views on Vimeo which is quite good for something strange as this. Therefore I started exploring other platforms and created accounts on both YouTube and Soundcloud. I also added a ”Links” section where these different profiles can be found. I might also add links to collaborations and such there as well.
Vimeo Channel:
YouTube Channel

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