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This is a short excerpt from my sound installation entitled ”Telephone”. The basis is that every parameter is determined by random coincidences. Basically it can play forever without repeating itself entirely.
Every 30 seconds one of two things occur; either the phone rings or ”the stranger” talks in it. The sentences are all constructed randomly on the fly with some 300 prerecorded words to choose from. Sometimes they follow grammatical rules and sometimes it is just jibberish. Reverb and panning is done at random as well.
The background synthesizer is made from 4 oscillators that change scale and key at random. Every time a tone fades out a trigger is sent that either changes pitch, waveform, panning, volume, swell time etc. The synth can also be convoluted by rhytmic impulses (10 to choose from), by the voice or by a set of 30 atmosphere tracks. The atmos tracks can either be loud or soft and could be anything from rain on a window to an Indian wedding. Amount and reverb all done at random.
The video is set to 4 different categories. You have without phone, with phone and the two but with a fisheye effect. The fisheye is triggered either by the phone ringing or when some odd sounds are being spoken. The video order is random and so is the frame skip and color effect.
Sometimes the result is really beautiful and poetic, other times it’s just plain weird.
Thanks to:
Erik Skånmyr – Video
Rebecka Hero – Stranger
Jenny Särnholm – Voice




I’m attending ”Kulturnatta” (Culture night) in Stockholm the 24th of April. At the moment I’m working on a semi-interactive sound installation that will be running the entire night at R1 (Reaktorhallen) on KTH Campus. I will add more information about my ”piece” further on but it will feature constantly evolving soundscapes, randomly generated subliminal meassages as well as some freaky video.
More information about the venue and the program for the evening can be found here