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A Cunning Deception of Self

During the winter of 2012 I composed a piece called ”A Cunning Deception of Self”. This was a project where myself and three colleagues set out to do our own realizations of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s ”Plus Minus”. Stockhausen’s piece is more or less a tool/set of instruction that I used to generate tone material. From that material I composed this piece for small ensemble and live electronics. I also incorporated the use of live graphics projected on the wall. However, on the video it is but barely visible up until the end. I am controlling the electronics and video from the audience using a Wiimote, paired with SuperCollider and Processing.

Ensemble: Mimitabu
Conductor: Rei Munakata

The piece was perfomed at Artisten, in Gothenburg Sweden, on 2012-03-08.


”Det slutade åtminstone lyckligt”

”At least there was a happy ending”

This is a composition for Yamaha Disklavier, a midi controlled player piano. A computer outputs midi messages telling the piano which keys to press and actions to perform.
This piece was a part of the annual Disklavier concert called ”midicosmos” at Kungl. Musikhögskolan, Stockholm Sweden. It was also later performed at an event called ”Självspelande!” at Högskolan för Scen och Musik in Göteborg in collaboration with the composition students of HSM. The latter is also where the video was recorded (Thanks to Petter Jysky).
If you have acess to a Disklavier and want to hear this piece performed live, feel welcome to contact me and I’ll try to send you the midi-file.
I you want more Disklavier action, please feel free to listen to my colleagues works:
Isak Edberg – Enclosure
David Granström – Alignment


Reddit Music Contest: Bronze!


A few weeks ago I entered a music contest over att Reddit/r/Music. The rules were: a theme based on Egypt, 2:30 to 3:30 length and a one week deadline. The contest had 58 participants of which I managed to finish in 3rd place! Good times. The winner was a singer-songwriter piece with a reggae-feel and the second runner up was a kind of comedic schoolhouse rock track.

Still, I am very happy that an instrumental ”tech house” track could make it to the top three. If you did; Thank you for voting for me!

On a different note:
I know I have not been updating the site for about 6 months and I apologize as always. I have just been really busy. This spring I am working on 4-5 big projects and a few short films so I promise there will be alot of new exciting content in the near future. (One of them is an electronic album. Stay tuned for this.)


Ambient Thursday

I thought I’d share with you something completely new, straight out of the womb, as well as something old. There is not too much to say about any of the pieces other than that they are electronic and ambient.
The first one (the new) I plan on putting together with some other songs to make a record in the future and while I am not a particular fan, nor producer, of ambient music, I feel that it will work well in the context since it will share some timbral qualities with the other tracks. I call this new piece:

Bullet Train (of Thought)

The second, old track, is something I threw together for a friend to use for a commercial promotional video. He basically wanted something chill-out that would go with the vibe of the company. Although I don’t think his project worked out I am quite satisfied with the result of my work. It is not something spectacular, but since I am not so good at updating I figured I could throw you guys a bone. I decided to name it humorously:

Grown Ups


Deus Apparatus

”Godtrogen är gud trogen är godtrogen”

This spring I was involved in a project called ”Futurum” which basically is a platform where classical musicians play new music. The idea is to make musicians interested in playing modern compositions and get composers a chance to have their pieces performed by gifted musicians.
The original idea was that the piece was going to rely on live looping. Apart from this, there would be a lot of ”on the fly” effects processing and heavy programming. With the use of colored LED lights I managed to get a motion tracking tool working. The LEDs were to be attached to the instrument and when moved around different effects would be triggered.
Unfortunately a lot of compromises had to be made and due to lack of preparation time most of the electronic goodies had to be thrown out. Though a pity, we at least got the piece played and the essence of using two instruments as an orchestra was preserved.
The piece was performed at Fylkingen, a venue famous for its contemporary scene, and was part of the ljudOljud festival arranged by the composition students at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.


Stockholm; Violent and happy


I have added two new songs to the portfolio for your listening pleasure. I apologize for not having updated anything on the homepage for quite a while but I assure you I have been as busy as ever. These new songs I put together in the fall and while they may not mirror my artistic progress as a composer they sure do describe my feelings toward my new home town.

Stockholm Syntrome
I had a bit of a rough time during the first three months in Stockholm with basically no place to stay. When I finally found this place where I am currently residing I had not had access to my computer and music gear for quite some time. As I was staring out the window at the rather ugly yet somewhat beautiful highway outside with the city in the distance I could not describe it any better than through some minimal techno.
This tune I composed during my first weeks of school as a compositional assignment. I was to analyze a few completely different songs that I had previously composed and pick out some elements which made me tick. After having found around 10 different things or so that I thought represented my musical style I was supposed to merge all of these into a single track. A Frankentrack if you will. The result was pretty kickin’. Or as my teachers described it, almost giggling, ”It’s like a mix between Aphex Twin and Dr. Snuggles.”

If you would rather download these tracks than using the portfolio player, they can be found here: (right click and choose ”Save As…”)
Stockholm Syntrome