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ljudOljud 2010

The Institution of Composition at Kungl. Musikhögskolan (Royal College of Music) is putting together an annual and FREE music festival during the last week of May at different venues around Stockholm.
I will be attending with a piece I’m currently working on for Violin, Cello and Computer. The piece is called ”Deus apparatus” and will be performed at venue ”Fylkingen” on Södermalm on Friday the 28th of May. Those who would like to attend are most welcome to. I will post a new entry afterwards with video and sound of the performance along with a detailed explanation of what is going on.
For more information about the festival (in Swedish) check out


I got tired of explaining to swedish people that ”No, it’s not ’ranch’ or ’range’. It’s WRENCH;” so I bought another domain. This site can now be accessed through as well as
I also started up a Vimeo channel the other day where I will be keeping any type of video I might produce. The response in the Vimeo community of the installation have been quite good so I’ll definitely use that platform for getting my works out to the public eye.
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In a week I had over 100 views on Vimeo which is quite good for something strange as this. Therefore I started exploring other platforms and created accounts on both YouTube and Soundcloud. I also added a ”Links” section where these different profiles can be found. I might also add links to collaborations and such there as well.
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Business cards


I just ordered some new business cards today! Unfortunately I don’t think the colors will be as vivid as I would like, since they’re printing in CMYK, but I reckon it will still be alright!


Wrench is refurbishing

I have decided to administrate my homepage through a wordpress blog. This is because the simple nature of wordpress makes updating a breeze. The site is almost finished. Stay tuned for more.