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Radio Interview (P2 Live Klassiskt)

A few weeks ago I got a piece performed by the Stockholm Youth Wind Orchestra. The piece was a complete rework of an old piece of mine called ”Slow Dancing with Mary Magdalene” but this time went by the Swedish name ”Sällskapsdans med Maria Magdalena”. In conjunction with this I was asked by Swedish Radio to participate in a live interview about myself, the piece and the experience of working with a youth orchestra. What fun! They also said that they wanted to air the piece in full as well.

However, for many reasons, the orchestra performed the piece far from flawlessly and both myself and the reporter agreed that airing a short excerpt where it sounded alright would suffice, as I felt the overall performance did not do the piece justice. Though working with a young orchestra was a nice experience, I was not quite prepared on what level I was to write for. One of the major hick ups I guess was that I notated it a bit awkward (The time was in 11/4 instead of 3+3+3+2) which I guess would confuse any novice player.

Hopefully I will get it performed by a professional orchestra some day and share the entire piece with you all. In the meantime, feel free to listen to the interview (unfortunately it’s in Swedish) or jump to the excerpt at 03:10.