Bachelor Concert at the Reactor Hall

Hello and long time no see!

This spring has been really crazy with a lot of fun project and pieces. I’ve been working almost non-stop since christmas and thus have had litte time to attend to my website. I will post more information about these projects pretty soon. Now, in just a few days I will have my final concert completing my BA in Electroacoustic composition. It is going to be a 25 minute sensory overload with 8 speaker surround, projected graphics as well as a dancer. The graphics are generated with the java bases programming language Processing and the sound and music a mix of SuperCollider synthesis, concrete sounds and plenty of synthesizers.

The concert will take place att Reaktorhallen R1, at KTH campus in Stockholm SWE on the 25th of May at 21.00. I’d like to cordially invite you to share this evening with me and my fellow graduate David Granström.
If you cannot make it, worry not too much. I will get a recording of the performance up on here eventually, and that’s better than nothing.


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