Ambient Thursday

I thought I’d share with you something completely new, straight out of the womb, as well as something old. There is not too much to say about any of the pieces other than that they are electronic and ambient.
The first one (the new) I plan on putting together with some other songs to make a record in the future and while I am not a particular fan, nor producer, of ambient music, I feel that it will work well in the context since it will share some timbral qualities with the other tracks. I call this new piece:

Bullet Train (of Thought)

The second, old track, is something I threw together for a friend to use for a commercial promotional video. He basically wanted something chill-out that would go with the vibe of the company. Although I don’t think his project worked out I am quite satisfied with the result of my work. It is not something spectacular, but since I am not so good at updating I figured I could throw you guys a bone. I decided to name it humorously:

Grown Ups

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