Jonas Kjellberg

Electroacoustic works, Contemporary music,
Sound art and installations, Video game soundtracks



Jonas Kjellberg

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1986. Made a detour to Sydney, which became a second home. Now lives in Stockholm with girlfriend and pet rabbit. A great love and passion for the ocean, the universe and philosophy.

My goal is to bridge the gap of the general audience and the art through intermedia works and interactive applications. Hence my special interest in generative processes and and sensor based technology in both music and graphics.

Royal College of Music, Stockholm:
MA in Electroacoustic composition.
BA in Electroacoustic composition.

SAE Sydney:
Dip. in Technical music production
(Audio Engineering)

Available for commission

Quality music and sound is an often overlooked part of many projects. Many film makers and video game developers fail to realize what a great sound does to their project. Not only does it help convey emotion and sell the illusion of a deep story – it also raises the production value immensely.

Audio is what makes a project go from ”work in progress” to a polished professional product.

I have the years of experience, and delicate ear necessary to creating something unique. I spend most of my time thinking outside of the box, pushing boundaries – whatever I can to leave people with a truly memorable experience. Let me help you do just that.